Zonyew Optoelectronics provides professional customized services based on users' product performance requirements, product usage environment requirements, motherboard interface requirements, structural requirements, etc!

Custom size:Custom Size: Min. 1.3 ", Max. 65";
Customizable touch function: can achieve touch with water, touch with gloves, passive pen touch, touch multiple points (up to 20 points), and support multiple interfaces and systems;

Customizable Touch function: With water touch, gloved touch, passive pen touch, touch points (up to 10 points), multi-interface multi-system support;

Touch screen structure customization: G+G (Two-layer glass) G+F, G+F+F .P+G.

IC Solution customization: Cypress, Focaltech, Goodix, EETI, ILI, etc.

Once solution confirmed, 2-3 work days for drawings, tooling and sample lead time 3-4 weeks. Urgent project can be expedited to 2 weeks.

Cover Customization

Cover material: tempered glass(hardness up to 7H), PMMA.

Cover Shape: support Profiled cutting, drilling.

Cover color: silk printing with Different colors and Logo printing.

Cover optical treatment: AG(Anti-glare) AR(Anti-reflective) AF(Anti-fingerprint)

Cover Brand: AGC, Corning, CG, SG etc.

Cover thickness: 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm,2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0, 8.0,10.0mm etc.

Sensor Customization

Sensor material Glass, film

Sensor thickness: 0.3、0.4、0.55、0.7、1.0、1.1 etc.

FPC Customization

Location: anywhere according to customer’s require.

Shape: flexible design according to the user's product structure needs.

Interface: IIC,USB,RS232,SPI etc.

LCD screen customization:

Size: 2.4 inches to 32 inches
Display brightness: up to 3000cd/㎡, visible under strong outdoor light
Working temperature: Up to -40 degrees Celsius LCD customized solution can be supported

Customized process

1.Customer request

2.we provide solution according to customer’s requirements.

3.Both sides confirm the design drawings and solutions.

4.Arrange the production of tooling and samples

5.Debugging touch screen to compatible with customer ‘s mainboards

6.Customer check & confirm samples.

7.Sample acceptance.

8.Mass production

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