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Marine Ships

In ocean ships, the application of capacitive touch display screens has become increasingly popular. In use, our products need to meet the characteristics of water touch and clear visibility under strong light. The main product applications include: ship navigators, ship inspection instruments, etc

case study

Touch screen application environment and requirements:

1. Used in control cabin, need to consider the effect in direct
sunlight, also meet the demand for high brightness.
2. Need to consider gloved touch, touch with water (seawater)

3. Stability is a must, no false touch allowed.

Our touch display solutions:

1. Use high brightness lcd,brightness>1000cd/m, for sunlight visible.
2. the touch screen and LCD do full lamination bonded,maximize the display effect and improve waterproof at the same time.
3. Touch screen do AG+AR treatment, to increase the transparency and display visibility effect under the sunlight.
4. Touch chip can choose Microchip, Cypress,lLl and other solutions


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