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In car central control

At present, touch display screens are an essential part of cars, and the number of screens is constantly increasing. Better touch display interactive products will bring users a better experience and appearance

case study

Car central control screen

Product application environment and requirements
1. For use in the cockpit, the screen needs to be able to display clearly in direct sunlight
2. It is necessary to meet the on-board temperature requirements, with a working temperature of -30~+80 ℃ and a storage temperature of -30~+85 ℃
3. It has stability and cannot be triggered incorrectly

Our touch display solution
1. The LCD screen adopts a highlight display scheme, with a brightness greater than 1000cd/㎡, which meets the requirements of visible in sunlight
2. The touch screen and display screen are fully integrated to maximize the display effect and are waterproof.
3. The surface glass of the touch screen is treated with AG and AR to prevent glare and enhance transparency, improving the display effect in sunlight
4. The touch chip can choose solutions such as Microchip, Cypress, ILI, etc


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