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Industrail Equipment

The industrial application environment is complex and diverse, and the user industry is diverse. In practical use, it is possible to face complex interference source environments, which can lead to insensitive touch screens, false triggering, and other phenomena. The main industry users include various industrial HMI applications such as textile machinery, injection molding machines, and large machine tools.

case study

Product application environment and requirements:

1. Touch screen used for indoor factory environment, need to meet the gloves touch requirement, support working with water or oil onside.
2. There are electromagnetic, motor interference and other
phenomena in the factory environment, the touch screen needs to have high stability and immunity.
3. The equipment life cycle can be up to 10 years, which requires the touch display part to have sustainable production.

Our touch display solutions:

1 ,Touch Panel  industrial-grade capacitive touch solution, use G+G structure, to meet the product vibration, drop resistance and other requirements.
2. touch and display screen to do full integration/optical bonding, to give customers the best display effect.
3. use industrial touch chip IC, touch screen to do anti-interference design, to strengthen the stability of the product.


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