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Hangzhou Zonyew Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop service provider for capacitive touch screens, LCD screens, capacitive touch display modules, and driver board . With strong research and development, design, and production capabilities, we serve customers in the global industrial field. At present, the product applications have covered in fields like industrial control, medical health, smart home appliances, ocean shipping, financial payments, Automobile, charging stations, military . With outstanding product performance and powerful technical services, we are able to provide you with the best touch display products!

1、Excellent touch function, able to achieve touch control in various environments

2、Excellent touch function, able to penetrate 10mm tempered glass for touch control

3、Full brand touch chip solution with strong technical support

We can flexibly select different chip solutions based on the user's product environment and performance requirements, providing users with the best cost-effective solution

4、High brigtness TFT

Our company's high brightness display screen series can solve the problem of using products outdoors or in semi outdoor sunlight

5、Full system support

Capable of supporting various operating systems and computing environments. Supported operating systems include: Android, Linux, Windows, l0S, Chrome, etc

Corporate spirit: 1.Quality first: product quality is always the first priority in Zonyew;2.Customer first: never-ending service for users;3.Integrity in Business:honesty and trustworthiness is the foundation of Zonyew and the basic guidelines for each of us in the company;4.Scientific and technological innovation: innov ation is the source of power for the enterprise to move forward, We believe that only by bravely trying to innovate can we keep our company competitive forever.

Company Vision: Focus on touch, not just touch! Relying on the company's strong touch display technology capabilities, we provide the best products and services to customers in the global industrial field. At the same time, we continuously innovate and invest in research and development. We look forward to more possibilities in the fields of human-computer interaction, AI, and other fields in the future!

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