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With the development of technology and the application of big data, there will be more products using capacitive touch display screens in medical products in the future. The main products include: medical monitors, POCT detectors, ultrasound machines, electrocardiographs, etc

case study

Touch screen application environment and requirements:

1. need to meet the requirements as medical gloves touch,water or some other liquids onside the surface.
2. need to meet the medical electromagnetic compatibility test requirements, and the static electricity requirements.
3. medical products need to have high stability, long life,no false touch allowed. 

Our touch display solutions:
1. PCAP solution: G+G structure, surface AG   treatment
2. Touch and lcd full lamination to optimize display effect.
3. display brightness>500, compatible with a variety of different environments
4. Adopting industrial-grade touch chip, with ultra-high stability   and anti-interference


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