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Military Device

The demand for screens in the military industry is very high, and they need to meet strict requirements for operating temperature and performance indicators. Our military industry series products are all customized special solutions for exclusive use by military industry users

case study

Touch screen application environment and requirements:

1. Touch sceen needs to work at -40 ℃
2. need to meet the requirements of the national military standard electronicelectromagnetic compatibility test.
3. long life and continuous supply are required.

Our touch display solutions:

1. Display uses OLED screen to meet the low temperature working requirements.
2. touch screen and display do full lamination bonding,
realise waterproof and dustproof while improve the display effecat same time.
3. touch screen surface do 3A treatment: AG AR AF, to improve the overall effect.
4. select military-grade full localization solution to meet the requirements of military localization indicators.


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