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Quality is the top priority of Zhongyu Optoelectronics and the lifeline of the enterprise. Zhongyu Optoelectronics has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to control quality, expecting the best product quality to be delivered to users. Our company's product control strictly follows the standards of ISO9001 and ISO14001.
To ensure the standardization of product entry and exit control, our company has developed the "Touch Screen Reliability Inspection Specification", "LCD Display Screen Reliability Inspection Specification", "Capacitor Touch Screen Module Reliability Inspection Specification", "Capacitor Screen Shipping Inspection Specification", "Capacitor Screen Module Shipping Inspection Specification", and "Packaging and Transportation Inspection Specification", which mainly include four types of test items:
1. Environmental testing: including high temperature and humidity, cold and hot shock, high temperature and low storage, etc
2. ESD testing: contact and non-contact discharge testing
3. Mechanical testing: surface hardness test, ball drop test, FPC pull-out test, extrusion test, etc
4. Packaging Testing: Testing the Protection of Packaging

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